The Best Instant Cameras With Bluetooth

Believe it or not, the legends of the traditional photography world – Kodak, Fujifilm, and Polaroid – are also making some incredible instant cameras that have been refreshed quite a bit with modern technology. Now you are able to enjoy photography “the way it used to be” without sacrificing convenience, getting the best of both worlds with instant cameras that include next generation Bluetooth technology.

Though all of us have great cameras built right into our smart phones – with these cameras getting better and better every year – sometimes you want to throw things back a little bit to a simpler time with instant camera technology. And these days, these kind of “polaroid” cameras keep on getting better!

Here are some of our favorite choices for the best instant cameras with Bluetooth built right in!

1. Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro

Perhaps the coolest looking of all the instant cameras would Bluetooth available on the market today, there’s just something really special about the way that this Kodak miniature instant camera looks.


A super throwback to simpler times for sure, retro styles, big bold colors, and that legendary Kodak logo all come together to create something that looks like a lot of fun right out-of-the-box.

Combine that with great camera technology, of course, and things only get better from there.

Kodak has squeezed their proprietary Four Pass Technology into this unbelievably compact instant camera, producing an instant solution that can print HD 3 x 3 photos in full-color almost right away – but can also transmit the digital copies of those photos wirelessly to your computer or your tablet through Bluetooth, too.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay

The Instax Mini Liplay instant camera with Bluetooth built-in is a little bit more subdued from an aesthetic standpoint, but it’s obvious that the folks at Fujifilm really put a lot of engineering into the way this camera works. Not only do you have an opportunity to capture photos in stunning high definition with the underlying Fujifilm photography technology built right in, but you also have a chance to customize your instant prints as well. It basically is a hybrid instant camera.

Mini LiPlay has in-built Bluetooth


A variety of frames and filters can be chosen from the built-in interface to print directly to your instant images, you can even attach recorded sound to your photos (your printed photos) with QR code printing, too. Finally, zipping those photos over to your computer via Bluetooth is simple and straightforward (not to mention really fast, thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 wireless protocols).

3. Kodak Step Touch

The Kodak Step Touch instant Bluetooth camera looks a bit more like a traditional point and click option, in this form factor allows Kodak to fit more camera technology “under the hood” than with other options on the market today. This 13 megapixel instant print camera allows you to capture photos in high definition. The sensor is large enough to do well in indoor lighting situations as well as at nighttime, too.


On the back of the camera you’ll find the 3.5” touchscreen display that lets you manage and edit your photos, with Bluetooth letting connect to your smart phone to do more fine-tuning as well. After you have gotten your pictures exactly the way you want them, though, you can use Zero Ink technology (pioneered by Kodak) to print them off in a hurry!

4. Polaroid Originals OneStep+


Polaroid dominated the market of instant cameras when they first were released, so it isn’t at all surprising that they offer a next generation instant camera with Bluetooth to take things to the next level.

Polaroid One Step+ is an instant camera with bluetooth function

With the built-in flash, self timer mode, 60 days of battery life on a full charge, and a Bluetooth connected application (free on Apple and Android devices) that gives you more control over the camera there’s a lot to like right here.

Of course, you’ll also have the ability to print your photos out automatically on Polaroid film – waterproof Polaroid film, at that – or zip them over to your computer or the cloud through Bluetooth there.