10 Best Instax Mini Film Frame Designs

One of the best ways to add meaning to your instant photos is by choosing the right frames on right occasions. The Fujifilm instant camera films come in various designs of frames to print your photos. All the frame designs for Instax Mini series cameras come in the same standard size i.e. 54(W) x 86(H) mm and produces the picture in the area of 46(W) x 62(H) mm. The frames you choose not only give glow to your photos but also the satisfaction while storing the photo in the album. This article will help you decide when to use each frames so that your photos will give you more satisfaction than ever.

The Different Instax Mini Film Frame Designs

1. Monochrome


The monochrome frame comes in white borders with the black and white photos printed. The black and photo caries can carry more weight and depth on street photography or when you want to capture the expressions of someone in a portrait. Below are some of the photos from mini cameras with monochrome frames.

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2. Candy Pop


Below you can see the candy pop frames that you can use in Mini series. The candy pop frames produce color photos inside. Such frames look better with the photos of kids or with joyful expressions in occasions like birthdays, parties or baby showers.

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3. Rainbow


The rainbow frame allows you to print the photo in various colored frames. The frames can add meaning to those moments taken during your tour or picnics.

4. Stained Glass


The stained glass frame looks as above, where you can see that various colors are engraved in a square shape. The frame makes more beautiful and more fun with watch in the album together. Use it when you are out with your friends or during picnic with family and friends.

5. Shiny Star


The Shiny star frame produces colored photos. The frame’s design makes it a perfect cover for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

6. Comic frame

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The comic frames  allows you to print colored photos adding the cartoon effects to your photo.

7. Airmail Frame


With this frame you can capture your photo like a classic airmail envelope.

8. Confetti

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The confetti frame features a continuous multi-colored confetti pattern on its film Borders. The color of confetti patterns are available in Pink, Blue and Green. Try taking photos of couples in various moods in this frame.

9. Black


The black frame is one of the most liked frames which produces instant colored photos. The black frame gives more glow to the photo making it very eye catching when you stick on to white walls or albums.

10. Pink Lemonade


The pink lemonade frame provides a soothing finish to the photos making it a best choice when you take couple photos as it adds romantic gesture to the picture.

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Source: Instax Mini Film Frame Designs – Fujifilm