Best Hybrid Instant Cameras

Want an instant film camera but don’t want to risk ruining films? Look no further because the Instax SQ10 and Instax SQ20 are the best hybrid instant cameras by Fujifilm that will allow you to do exactly that.

SQ10 and SQ20 models of Fujifilm’s instant cameras range shoot and print out photos in square sizes. What is the square size? Measuring 2.4 inches by 2.4 inches, it prints the pictures in a 1:1 aspect ratio—giving the original retro vintage look. As the name suggests, these hybrid cameras are actually digital cameras that allow us to shoot in digital mode and let us choose which photos to print out so that we can actually save films in the long run.

Instax Mini LiPlay

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The newly announced instant camera from Fujifilm looks more like a small smartphone than a camera, but thanks to which it is the lightest and the smallest instant photo camera today. It comes in 3 elegant colors (Elegant Black, Rose Gold and Stone White). Instead of saving directly to physical film, it uses a digital sensor to shoot 5.0 megapixel pictures that it stores in its internal memory. Oh, did I also mention that its storage can be increased up to 128GB using external microSD cards?

What’s more? It connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth so you can take hands-free photos and also print out pictures shot by the smartphone camera. So, in a way, it is a portable photo printer for your phone as well. Another cool feature of Instax Mini LiPlay is that you can record a short audio with the photo and use a QR code scanner to play it back. It is the best instant camera with Bluetooth on the market today.




Instax Square SQ10

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Fujifilm’s take with bringing the Instax Square SQ10 camera might be to bridge the gap between the modern digital aspect and the retro instant film aspect. Honestly, this is also somewhat I had been looking for since I can take a bunch of pictures, experiment with how the pictures actually come up and then print the good ones—thereby saving films making it one of the best hybrid instant cameras.

Features of SQ10:

  • Comes in just one color (Stunning Black)
  • Uses Instax Square Film (Check 5 Best Polaroid Film Types Available For Your Instant Camera)
  • Has two shutter buttons (on the left and right) so as to make it easy for both right-handed and left-handed photographers
  • A 3” LCD screen for framing and composition
  • Has “Auto” and “Manual” mode. Auto mode instantly prints out the film after the shutter is clicked while Manual mode disables the auto-print so that we can choose whether to print it or not
  • Internal Memory that is good for about 50 photos
  • SD card slot that is expandable up to 32GB
  • Comes with 10 different filters, Vignette tool and Exposure control tool
  • Also lets us combine multiple photos in a single film when printing (collages and more)

A really cool feature of SQ10 is the long exposure tool that allows shooting in different exposures and combine them in a single film or photo. There is also a filter tool in which we can choose from 10 different filters. Since it’s already in a square size, the photos come ready in Instagram size! S10 has also got a tripod mount making this camera one of the best hybrid instant cameras.

Instax SQ20

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Brought as an upgrade to the SQ10, the SQ20 comes with an upgraded sensor (albeit smaller upgrade) and a sleeker body. Although it is meant as an upgrade, one downside of SQ20 to SQ10 model is that the battery is not removable and we will have to charge the whole camera. Also, it does not have the tripod hole. However, the body is smaller and thinner than the SQ10 and also comes with a selfie mirror.

Additional Features of SQ20:

  • Allows us to shoot videos up to 50 seconds and then lets us choose the exact frame to print out in a film
  • Has got 4x digital zoom (compared to 2.4x zoom of SQ10)